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The Difference Between a Christian Consumer/Devoted Disciple

The Difference Between a Christian Consumer/Devoted Disciple
Dr. Jeff VanGoethem


Christian Consumer


Devoted Disciple

Lives for self, dies for nothing

Lives and dies for Christ

Wants to be pleased

Wants to please God

Desires to be entertained

Desires to obey

Attends church

Unites with the church

Loyal to church so long as my “needs are met”

Belongs to Christ’s church for good and for bad

Has a weekend mentality

Honors the Lord’s day

Fits spiritual commitments into schedule

Schedules spiritual commitments first and keeps them

Puts family first

Puts Christ first in family life

Waits to be spiritually fed by others

Develops spiritual hunger

Avoids regular spiritual commitments

Embraces spiritual commitments

Remains individualistic

Stands with the body of Christ

Adds the Christian faith to life

Subordinates life to the Christian faith

Fears the Bible

Loves the Bible

Faith gives out when life is hard

Endures hard things faithfully

Puts personal feelings first

Puts God’s truth first

Content with Sunday A.M. worship

Turns out for deeper training

Gives casually and impulsively

Develops stewardship/regular giving

Silent among worldly people

Bold and candid among worldly people

Seeks to avoid suffering

Expects and embraces suffering

Content with numerous compromises

Grieved over each and every sin, longs for holiness

Resists deeper training in life/service

Seeks such training

Makes excuses

Makes commitments

Never leads

Develops leadership ability, accepts responsibility

Views church involvement as optional

Sees the inevitability of the Lord’s church

Seeks benefits from Christian involvement

Christian involvement based on obedience to God

Wants help from God for a better life

Wants to give life to God


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