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Praying the Promises

Praying the Promises

Pastor Jeffery VanGoethem

I have been reading and rereading Psalm 119 lately in my quiet time. Of course, as you know, this is the longest chapter in the Bible and perhaps the most beautifully constructed section of the Bible. It is an Acrostic Poem, with each of the twenty-two sections beginning with the succeeding letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and each line or verse (eight verses in each section) of that section beginning with that same letter. It is lovely to look at in the original text and even more wonderful to study. Much of it is focused on praise for God and His Word.

One day as I was reading through it again, I began to mark out some of the promises given in Psalm 119. I like to learn God’s promises and then pray them back to Him, especially when I really need them. Sometimes I am at a loss for what to do or how to pray, it is at that point I like to ask God for His promises. Luther, with his characteristic personality, once famously made the statement that he had “attacked God on the basis of His own promises” in seeking deliverance for himself and a friend.

For your encouragement, here are ten promises that can be discerned in Psalm 119. Each of these suggest ways we can pray or things we can ask God for:

1. God will open our eyes to see wonderful things in His Word (v. 18).

2. God will enlarge our hearts so that we can serve Him in a greater way (v. 32).

3. God will give us renewed life and vigor in serving Him (v. 37).

4. God will honor our witness, even before power people (v. 46).

5. God is always good (v. 68).

6. The Lord's Word is always true. (v. 89).

7. God is always in control of the creation (vss. 90-91).

8. God always keeps His promises (v. 140).

9. God will give us renewed life and vigor because He loves us (v. 159).

10. God will allow us to stand and walk in His peace (v. 165).


Try reading Psalm 119 and making note of God’s promises, then make a habit of praying them back to Him!

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