Global Missions

Scofield Memorial Church is passionate about taking the gospel to the world. Since its very first missionary in the 1880s Scofield has been a champion of world missions. Currently, Scofield Memorial Church partners with nearly seventy missionaries or agencies in this effort.
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Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi, Jordan (Christar)

Dick and Meg Ackley, United States (SIM)

Kerby and Susanne Anderson, United States (Probe)

Bob and Sandy Caddel, United States (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Evis and Marie Carballosa, Spain, (Spanish Evangelical Enterprises)

Dana and Debbie Cherry, Germany (Greater Europe Mission)

Carey Childrey, United States (Paraclete Mission Group )

Tim and Karen Cripe, Indonesia (Wycliffe)

Mel and Patty Davis, Slovenia (World Venture)

Denny and Susie Day, Haiti (CrossWorld)

Rolando and Margaret Gonzalez, United States (Wycliffe)



Bruce and Jenny Hansen, Papua New Guinea (Wycliffe)

Deborah Hoehner, Russia (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Gene and Pam Horst, United States (SEND International)

Caleb and Nicolette Hutcherson (WorldVenture )

Jim and Lynn Kessler, Croatia and Bosnia (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Jim and Lynda Kutnow, Italy (CrossWorld)

Lynn Landweer, USA (Wycliffe)

Gerald and Miriam Laursen, United States (CAM International)

Woody and Kelly Lewis, United States (CAM International)

Eugene and Betty Loos, United States (Wycliffe)

Eric and Christy McCauley, Austria (Greater Europe Mission)

Jim and Lydia Munn, France (CrossWorld)

Reuben and Florence Musiime, Uganda (AMG International )

Crag and Brigitte Olson (Campus Crusade for Christ )

Greg and Kathleen Parsons, United States (US Center for World Missions)



Devendra and Rokono Rai, India (ACTION)

Nick and Amy Repak, United States (Grad Resources )

Rick Rood, United States (Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association)

Keith and Celeste Small, England (Avant Ministries)

Gary and Esther Smith, Papua New Guinea (New Tribes Mission)

Arden and Helen Steele, Bolivia (SIM)

Jonathan and Monica Steele Bolivia (Frontiers)

Scot and Robin Ullrich, Bulgaria (SEND International)

Gersan and Betty Valcin, Haiti (East West Ministries)

Fred and Janet Young, Belgium (World Venture)



Joyce Allen, Liberia (SIM)

Louis and Helen Almond, China and Thailand (Overseas Missionary Fellowship)

Jim and Pat Crosby, United States (Greater Europe Mission)

Tom and Mariellyn Hilgeman, Guatemala (Avant Ministries)

Anette Kunst, Belgium (Samaritan's Purse)

Evelyn Kurut, India, et al (Hebron Ministries International)

Ilse Lacy, Austria (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Julian LLoret, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala (CAM International)

Felicia Olowola, Nigeria (SIM)

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