Worship. A word that can stir many images and feelings ranging from quiet and humbled to filled with celebration! At Scofield we believe that the word "worship" refers to the entire Christian life - not merely music or the songs we sing. Rather, worship is the life that has been restored to fellowship with the Father, redeemed by Jesus Christ, and filled with the indwelling Holy Spirit. We believe that all of creation bears witness to the Creator, but, mankind is unique from other creations. Why? Because we are made in His likeness - we bear the image of God. When the heart of a person is humbled and broken before Almighty God and then restored, made whole, in the grace of Christ that life demonstrates worship - utter dependance on God!

At the same time, we also believe that worship refers to our time spent together on Sunday mornings (and other various times); times when the members of the church family join together in unity to praise and honor God through prayer, singing, preaching, teaching and observance of the Lord's Supper. At Scofield Church our worship services are "incarnational" in Christ; this is being consumed by the presence of God leading to a life set apart unto Him.

Our music blended - embracing both great hymns of the faith joined with rich songs of praise. Music is usually facilitated by piano, choir, and a band. Most in our church family dress casually. But, please just come as you are to meet with God. Our time together on Sundays seeks to richly worship God, deeply reflect upon who God is, and for our lives and hearts to be filled with Him.

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