Women's Ministries

Scofield’s ministry of women to women encourages each of us to learn about God and His word and how to apply it in our lives.  We want every woman to feel the love of the Lord in community with Jesus and with each other and to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Christian life is meant to be shared with like-minded believers.  We desire for every woman to hear the call of God on her life and be all that He potentially intended for her.  To this end we provide many opportunities for women of all ages, marital status’, and stages of life to learn and contribute as we seek to support and confirm each other in issues relating to and for women.  

You can read about our various ministries here or call me at 214-349-6043 x222 for more information.  Please make plans to join us.  Scofield’s classes and events are not restricted to members of the church and we would love for you to feel free to come and bring your friends.

Marilyn Harris
Director of Women’s Ministries 
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